TrueType Typography
Font Production Tools
Striker is a bitmap SFP font editor for Windows 3.1 and above. Try the downloadable demo now!

A very useful companion to Striker, TTFtoSFP uses Windows 3.1 (and above) to render your TrueTypes to create high quality bitmap fonts for platforms that use the SFP format. Try the downloadable demo now!

Our free utility TweakSFP is for doing certain things to SFP fonts - features that didn't make it into Striker... TweakSFP is a Windows 95/98/NT console application.

  • adds resolution information to SFP fonts (for use on newer printers)
  • converts normal SFP fonts to landscape SFL fonts (for use in older printers)
  • cleans the part of bitmap images beyond the "width" parameter
TweakSFP v0.91 is beta software, and as such no guarantee is given for its use. Download TweakSFP

Custom Tools
We are always happy to discuss your requirements for custom-built TrueType and bitmap font tools. Contact us!

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