TrueType Typography

What is TYPE*chimérique?

We're a small organization dedicated to digital fontology. Our customers tell us their requirements. We discuss them. Then we build the fonts!
    We're particularly experienced with TrueType. We avoid automatic systems, such as auto-hinting, whenever there's a suspicion of inferior quality. We write our own font manipulation tools where existing ones are unsatisfactory. (Of course, we also design, adapt and hint Type 1 fonts.)
    Please take a look at some of the services we offer below. For unfamiliar terms, please consult our Glossary.

TrueType Hinting
Any font can have amazing screen quality... but it has to be done by experts. Talk to us about obtaining the same quality as hand-tuned bitmap fonts. (No auto-hinting done here!)

Font Customization & Improvement
Need some characters added or removed, but don't want to reduce the quality? Need characters remapped?

TrueType Logos
Get the same benefits in your logos that you know TrueType can give to type. If you've already got your logo in TrueType format, ask us about getting amazing on-screen quality.

Font Production Tools
Our collection of font tools, and how you can commission more.

The TrueType Typography Website
The award-winning independent TrueType information centre.

TrueType Training
We can provide training to type foundries on hinting TrueType fonts.

Please get in touch to discuss any project involving digital type customization.

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