TrueType Typography

Make bitmap fonts from your TrueTypes...

TTFtoSFP is an exceptionally easy to use program for making bitmap SFP fonts from all your TrueType fonts installed in Windows. After generating your bitmaps, you can edit them further with Striker.

In this screen-shot of TTFtoSFP, the TrueType font Albertus Extra Bold has been opened, and an SFP is about to be generated.


The original hints are executed by Windows, resulting in bitmaps of the same quality as you get on screen and printer from your TrueTypes. If you use high quality TrueTypes, you'll get high quality bitmaps.

Fine Control
TTFtoSFP allows specification of point size to 1/100 point, and any output resolutions. You can also include only the characters you want, to make smaller bitmap files.

Ease of use
TTFtoSFP comes with a full help file. Technical questions, before and after purchase, can be directed to the author, Laurence Penney.

Windows 3.1 or above.

Make your fonts more versatile with TweakSFP

Download our free utility TweakSFP to add resolution information to SFP fonts (for use on newer printers), and convert normal SFP fonts to landscape SFL fonts (for use in older printers). TweakSFP v0.9 is beta software, and as such no guarantee is given for its use. TweakSFP is a Windows 95/98/NT console application.

Try it out now!

Download an evaluation version [35K] of TTFtoSFP.

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