TrueType Typography
Font Customization
Character Set
If you need a different character set, we can remap your font and add new characters, while preserving the quality of the existing characters. Mathematical characters, phonetic characters, Welsh characters, etc.

Hinting an existing font
If you have a font that you're happy with, except its quality on the screen, then it will certainly benefit from hinting. Please see our TrueType hinting page.

Kerning fonts
Talk to us about adding kern-pairs to a font, or adjusting existing kern-pairs where they could be improved.

Adding a logo to a font
Some applications, such as databases, cannot change font stlyes within a report or display field. By having a company logo - or other symbol - added to an existing font, you can be freed from some of the design restrictions of the application. We can apply the same skills as creating our stand-alone logo-fonts (see the TrueType logos page).

Font conversion
If you need a font converted between the Type 1 and TrueType formats (or others) ask us.

Further information
For any enquiries about our font customization, please get in touch via the Contact page.

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