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TrueType Glossary
Part of the TrueType Typography pages from TYPE*chimérique.

Encyclopaedia of Typographic and Electronic Communication
A comprehensive typo-glossary with only a few discreet plugs for its creators, Production First Software.

A Disagreeably Facetious Type Glossary
A great intro to type "for the amusement & edification of people beginning a love affair with fonts" - from Microsoft Typography.

A Glossary of Typographic Terms
A short key to essential type terms from Adobe.

Glossary for Font Developers
Some technical terms explained by Adobe.

Typesetting and Publishing Glossary
- by Henry Budgett.

Redsun Typography Glossary
Great reference site by Kevin Woodward, part of his All Good Things Typography.

Parts of Type
Lesson One from Don McCahill's excellent little course on Typeface Identification.

Typography at PC Webopaedia
Definitions of some technical terms in typography.

TYPOlis Glossar (Deutsch)
Michael Gschwind's glossary of typographic terms in German.

Glossary of Terms
An appendix to Vincent Connare's Character Design Standards.

TypoGRAPHIC Glossary

Glossary from the comp.fonts FAQ
Not the most impressive part of the FAQ.

Graphion Typographic Glossary


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