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Ths places shown here include where to take courses in typography, and where research into type technology and history is happening.


University of Reading
Here you can take a 4-year undergraduate course or various postgraduate courses in the Typography & Graphic Communication department, founded by Michael Twyman. Lecturers include Gerard Unger and James Mosley.

Stafford College
At the College (part of the University of Wolverhampton) there's an HND Design (Typography) course.


Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten
At the KABK (which translates as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts) in the Hague you can take a degree course in Grafische & Typografische Vormgeving - just as many of the current wave of Dutch type desgners have done. Lecturers include Petr van Blokland.


École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
At the EPFL, Roger Hersch and his Peripheral Systems Laboratory crew get along with advanced technical typographic research.


Hebrew University of Jerusalem
An advanced working system for parametric control over type redesign is being developed here - by Ariel Shamir and Ari Rappoport. The LiveType website contains some excellent animations showing LiveType in action. Also described is ParamTT, a program that automatically extracts the "features" that are controlled parametrically by LiveType.


University of Virginia
The University's Book Arts Press runs several typography-related courses at its Rare Books School.


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