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Thrice Great, Once Again The Rumblings of History
The type decade, 1984 to 1994. Peter Fraterdeus gives us an extract from his upcoming book, Typography for the 21st Century.

Mac OS X - text and graphics
Clive Bruton discusses where Apple's type technology is going, based on two sessions at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in May 1998. Get your head round ATSUI and AAT.

Sudden Death
Do rich business people appreciate type? Judge for yourself with this breathtaking Forbes magazine article... You might also like the discussion about this article on TYPO-L.

Typeface Identification
An excellent little course from Don McCahill. Lavishly illustrated.

The Great Designers
Nicholas Fabian on some of history's greatest type designers.

by Frederic W. Goudy. Complete text of the first 5 chapters, courtesy of TypeArt and the University of California Press.

Spacing in Theory and Spacing in Practice
David Kindersley describes his LOGOS program for automatic text spacing, and a real-life project for Cambridge's street signs.

A Few Notes on Legibility of Typefaces
Hermann Zapf here praises David Kindersley's LOGOS spacing algorithm.

The World of Fonts
Dmitry Kirsanov's history of type design, the February 1998 article from Dmitry's Design Lab.

Joe Clark talks about why people still love to use monospaced type.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Fred Showker on some finer points of font quality.

What has WYSIWYG done to us?
An elegy for the values trampled in the mad rush to new graphic design technology, by Conrad Taylor of Ideography.

The Value of Type
by Erik van Blokland of LettError.

A Brief History of Type
by Thomas W. Phinney in the Comp.fonts FAQ.

Some notes on designing type
by Nicholas Fabian

Typeface Protection
by Charles Bigelow in the Comp.fonts FAQ.

A Disagreeably Facetious Type Glossary
... for the amusement & edification of people beginning a love affair with fonts.

Adobe's Guide to Using Type
... includes A Glossary of Typographic Terms.

Fonts and the Web
from the W3 Consortium

Are You Stealing Fonts?
WebMonkey (that's Jeff Veen) at HotWired talks about the ethical issues around embedding fonts, notably the "with permission" approach of Microsoft & Adobe, and the "without permission" approach of Bitstream & Netscape.


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