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Adobe InSite
Features some type-related articles by Robin Williams.

All Good Things Typography
Kevin Woodward's reference site.

ATypI Fringe
The online presence, with lots of great articles, from ATypI 1997 in Reading.

ATypI WebTypo
The online presence from the ATypI 1998 conference in Lyon. Take a look at the WebTypo News, reportage and articles live and direct (well, it was once) from the conference.

Baseline Magazine
Online presence of the "international, large format, full colour magazine [that] examines in depth the world of type and typography" - from Bradbourne Publishing Ltd. Subscription is 40 annually in the UK (4 issues).

Book Arts Web
Peter Verheyen's site is a great intro to fine book production and printed typography.

Digital Type Review
Online type magazine based at Truman State University. Includes an interview with Adobe staff designer Carol Twombly.

Design zine controlled by Clive Bruton with a bias towards type, which is fair enough.

Font Site
And another online type magazine. Sean Cavanaugh does this one. He's got an inexpensive font CD coming out soon. Let's hope it's not full of dubious clone fonts like his last one.

Online type site edited by Clive Bruton. Features on font piracy, OpenType and a list of forthcoming events of interest to typophiles.

This communication ability of us humans is rather neat, isn't it? Let's talk about it.

Online ezine from Phil's Fonts - "the zine for type fiends".

Invers Magazin
German monthly typography and design magazine. Website contains many sample articles. Subscriptions 100 DM annually.

Letter Arts Review
Online presence for the printed edition. Subscription is $42 for the year's four issues. Also published is an annual review.

Print Magazine
Online presence for the American Print Magazine. A year's sub costs $58 (six issues).

Sans Serif
The online companion to Don Hosek's printed Serif magazine.

Scriptorium Magazine
Info from Dave Nalle's Scriptorium site.

Serif Magazine
Website with sample articles from Don Hosek's occasional printed magazine. A one year subscription (four issues) to Serif is $28 from the US.

Short Cuts
Dozens of typographic features, some serious, some not. This is the complete online version of the ATypI 97 Fringe newspaper.

Siegel on Type
Some typo articles by David Siegel, the creator of Tekton (as he keeps reminding us).

The Terminal
This is the online zine & links from the P22 digital type foundry. Articles on the well-known Englishman Edward Johnston (whose London Underground typeface you can now purchase from P22), and on the less well-known Czech Vojtech Preissig.

Online zine by wacky Dutch folks.

Online magazine edited by Fred Showker.

Type Books
The Type Books site arose from a 1997 survey, over the web by Delve Withrington, on the favourite books of typographic folk. This splendid typographic bibliography is the result, containing book reviews, interviews and a bookshop.

An email-zine by Chris MacGregor of ITFI fame. Arrives every 7 to 14 days. Chris's pull-no-punches dispatches from FUSE 98 certainly ruffled a few feathers.

Type Talk with Robin Williams
The author of a few books on type, Robin has her occasional comments on type published on the web by EyeWire. Each article is an excuse to promote some typefaces available from EyeWire, but nevertheless they're worthwhile.

Typofile (from Will-Harris House)
A varied online type magazine. Lots of articles, edited by Daniel Will-Harris.

Apparently this is "an interactive experience informed by type and typography". Lots of pictures, plus the odd word or two.

La Typographie selon
Best to speak French for this one, a superbly produced type reference site, with history, glossary, etc.

U&lc Online
Electronic edition of ITC's printed freebie. Editorship torch recently passed from Margaret Richardson to John D. Berry.

Visible Language
Search the contents of the scholarly printed journal, formerly known as the Journal of Typographic Research, right back to 1967.

The former print-based magazine from FontHaus is revived in an online edition.


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