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Adobe Typography
Adobe's type site with info on their font technologies (ATM, Type 1, OpenType and multiple masters) as well as their type library and other software including Acrobat. Font developers should also check out the very informative Adobe Type Technology Forum, maintainted by type fanatic Terry O'Donnell.

Independent typography news site, maintainted by type buffs Joshua Lurie-Terrell, Stephen Coles, Matthew Bardram and Patric King.

Apple Fonts
Apple's website about their font technologies: TrueType, AAT (née GX Typography) and ATSUI. Browse the specifications and download font development tools for free.

A fonty website run by Martin Schumacher and Adam Twardoch, "a couple of type freaks" in Frankfurt-an-de-Oder. Some intelligent recommendations on the design of Polish (and other modified Latin) characters.

Font Source Paradise

Goudy International Center for Font Technology and Aesthetics
An organization whose aims include the registration (for a fee) of all typeface names, ostensibly helping to avoid trademark infringement. It is unclear from where their authority to do this derives.

Microsoft Typography
Very informative site maintained by Simon Daniels, with an extensive and lively Links section. There's lots of information on TrueType, OpenType and type for the web. Several high quality fonts are available to download for free.

The Internet Type Foundry Index, maintained by Chris MacGregor of the PenUltimate type foundry, is more than just a type foundry index. It's got links to all kinds of typography sites.

I hope they don't mind if I steal their wording... they're "a diverse group of type designers, developers, foundries, and aficionados who are working together to promote typefaces as creative works and to advocate their legal protection as intellectual property".

Michael Gschwind's got a lot of links here.

Yahoo: Typefaces


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