TrueType is the
scalable font technology
built into Windows and Macintosh.
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know more about TrueType,
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A History of TrueType
including a talk with its inventor Sampo Kaasila

The TrueType Specification
including TrueType Open, OpenType and TrueType GX

TrueType Outlines
curve maths and other concepts

TrueType Hinting
from mystery to mastery

Font Tools
software that marketing men say respects TrueType

TrueType Tools
software that really respects TrueType

OpenType / TrueType Open
okay, let's pretend there's only one font flavour...

TrueType and Type 1 fonts
how come there are two font flavours anyway?

TrueType GX
is its time about to come?

TrueType and Unicode
glyphs and characters till you're sick

Great TrueType fonts
for people that notice a misplaced pixel

The TrueType Rasterizer
how it works and where to get yours

TrueType and Anti-Aliasing
new improved fuzzier fonts

Parametric (synthetic) TrueType Fonts
attempts at a brave new world of fonts

TrueType Glossary
are there phantoms in the Twilight Zone?

TrueType Q&A
archives of Q&A from 1996 to 2000

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